игровые автоматы spy

John Mc Burney (Farrell) is a wounded Union deserter in the US Civil War who winds up in a school for girls, where headmistress Martha (Kidman) is persuaded to show him kindness.

Coppola’s remake of Don Siegel’s sweaty 1971 original plays like meticulously crafted high-camp melodrama; intermittently enjoyable, but rushed…

Steven (Farrell) is a cardiac surgeon who finds himself being stalked by a creepy teenager, martin (Keoghan); then Steven’s family is threatened with an inexplicable sickness.

Lanthimos’s trademark deadpan dialogue and dark humour exist alongside distressing flashes of cruelty. A former FBI investigator (Ejiofor) wants to reopen a cold murder case from 2002, needing the support of an ambitious DA (Kidman); however, the victim's mother, a former colleague of theirs (Roberts), wants it to be behind her.

Melodramatic remake of Juan José Campanella's brilliant 2009 thriller; some interesting ideas…

Catherine (Kidman) and Matthew (Fiennes) move from Canberra to the Australian outback with their teenage kids (Hamilton, Brown) but they, like their offspring, are troubled.

Sweaty melodrama which holds its secrets fairly well, benefiting from a a psychologically (and physically) baring performance from Kidman and good…

The true story of Saroo Brierley, who aged five is separated from his mother and family in India, declared lost and adopted by an Australian couple, only to track his family down years later using Google Earth.

Hugely emotional, remarkably assured debut from Davis, with fine performances.

Gertrude Bell (Kidman) was an archaeologist, linguist and spy who helped shape the modern-day Middle East, and a worthy subject for a Herzog film; inexplicably, he's decided to frame her achievements inside a rather schmaltzy romantic adventure, like Hallmark remaking Lawrence of Arabia. The story of an illegal immigrant from Peru and his efforts to be integrated into British society. Whishaw imbues the CGI Paddington with immense charm, the rest of the cast are excellent and the exuberant direction and smart, knowing script make for a genuine delight.

Christine (Kidman) is an amnesiac, unable to recall her marriage to husband Ben (Firth) and the incident which caused her amnesia in the first place; can neuropsychologist Dr Nash (Strong) help?

Stylish but superficial thriller which makes for an entertaining evening's viewing, but – like Christine – you may not remember…